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She Said YTS UPD

This is how you do a tagline: "Everybody has an opinion. Nobody has WiFi."Sam (Jenny Lester, who wrote the script for this dark comedy) has decided to drop the charges against the man who assaulted her. Now, on Thanksgiving, perhaps one of the most stressful days of the year, her family and friends have joined together to stage an intervention.Our protagonist, who has placed her life on hold for 18 months in and out of trials, wants to finish her dissertation. Yet when she receives news that the trial is postponed again, she hides out in her family's remote cabin in the Virginia woods, ghosting everyone. But can the same people she wants to avoid convince her to come back to the city to complete the trial?Lester explained her thought process behind the script - and the making of the film - by saying, "It is frustrating that in most portrayals of survivorship, we learn what someone has been through instead of who they are. As more and more women started sharing their stories (often anonymously) online over the past few years, the question that kept itching in my mind was, "Who was this woman before this event that is now synonymous with her identity? Who is she now as she picks herself back up and returns to her life?" As we approached our first feature, we knew we didn't need to add another SVU version of survivorship to the zeitgeist, and instead wanted to focus on what is hopefully a very human story about a deeply nuanced and often flawed woman and her messy, misstepping, well-meaning chosen family that raillies around her. Putting together a predominantly female, enby, and queer crew and creative team to help tell it was absolutely paramount."Where most films that deal with this subject are either courtroom dramas or descend into revenge pictures. This shows the very human side of dealing with what comes after the attack, with Sam struggling to build new connections and continue the ones that she had before. Beyond the horrific emotions and pain that Sam has had to deal with over the last year and change, the fact that others want to tell her what to do may be just as damaging to her.There are no easy answers, obviously, but this film raises plenty of questions to ponder over and consider. It's not what I expected to watch for entertainment, yet it's the kind of movie that will stick in my head and make me think back to it from time to time, which is one of the hallmarks of a film that just plain works.Director Amy Northrup has an interesting resume, as she's acted in several films and also works as an intimacy coordinator and facilitates classes on consent practices for filmmakers. This is her first full-length film. Of this effort, she said, "The ways we consume media affects how we see the world around us, and if the stories of sexual assault we see are homogenous, limited, and singular, it makes it infinitely hard to see the layers of impact, to believe the people in our actual lives who come forwared and say this happened to me. When all we see is perfect victimhood we turn around and demand it. This film, for us, was one version of a story that won't meet that demand."

She Said YTS

This snappy romantic comedy pits two Baltimore reporters, Dan Hanson(Kevin Bacon)and Lorie Bryer(Elizabeth Perkins),writing for an editorial page with opposing opinions...Dan the conservative and Lorie the liberal. Their popularity grows as a romance blossoms and soon they have a TV show 'He said, She said'. Frequent bickering may end the TV show as well as the romance. The leads are very likable and the supporting cast is solid, but the film at points just comes across too sappy and gimmicky. Charming is as charming goes. Bacon and Perkins work well together. Supporting cast features: Sharon Stone, Nathan Lane, Anthony LaPaglia and Stanley Anderson.

Images of the flyers, which have popped up in Boystown and Hyde Park in recent days, went viral online, with some speculating a hate group was to blame and others saying the image angered and upset them. Hyero, the artist behind the flyers, said she makes no apologies for her provocative marketing methods.

Hyero said she understands the flyers could be traumatic for some people, but she sees the noose as a symbol of her disempowerment. The American flag is triggering to her, but it still flies, she said.

Dianne Plummer, CEO of Your True Shade (YTS), a producer of make-up and skincare products for all skin types since 2014, said she launched a new line True Tress by YTS, in Atlanta at the top of this month. The hair-care product for weaves and wigs is made from natural ingredients such as bamboo and aloe vera, as well as charcoal.

"We would need a sizeable sum to build and equip our factory space. With this increase in space, we would be able to increase our market penetration to high-volume customers overseas, who are looking for container loads. As it is, we are limited to supplying orders by the pallet," Palmer-Davis said.

"The idea for Ettenio's eco-luxury line was conceived because there was a growing need among consumers for high-performance, 100 per cent natural personal care and beauty products," said the company founder.

"In fact, I myself was searching for top-ranking, high-quality products that delivered results, as I was on a quest to grow my own hair. I found out that those products could only be found overseas, and getting them here posed tremendous challenges; and so I went to work exploring the possibilities of making my own line of products," she said.

"Necessity is the mother of invention and I got inspired to start YTS while I was a graduate engineering student in northern Europe, where I had difficulty finding products for my sensitive skin," she said.

"As a result I decided to use my background in chemical engineering to create my own products. As an engineer I want to solve problems - it's my nature, and my focus is in the cosmetics industry. I think that manufacturing is one of the ways in which the Jamaican economy can be improved, and the personal care business offers me that opportunity," Plummer said.

After three years of operation, during which she pumped her own funds into the company, she said YTS is now profitable. But it needs fresh capital to improve its packaging and grow the brand and the business.

Ettenio CEO Palmer-Davis also said her business is now showing a profit, having "invested a substantial sum" over time, but is not seeking fresh capital at the moment. She is now focused on improvements to packaging, amid managing her cash flows and balancing work and family to avoid burn-out while "staying relevant in the market".

Ferris killed Baker to get her keys in a failed escape attempt, said Deputy Dist. Atty. Michael Ramos. Ferris was afraid about his imminent transfer to the adult prison system, where he was to be shipped as he reached his 25th birthday, Ramos said.

The prosecutor said he will tell jurors at the sentencing how Ferris earned a 25-years-to-life sentence previously for murder in Orange County, where he asphyxiated a middle-age nurse who had taken him into her home.

Before the trial, Negus had said he believed there was doubt over who had committed the crime because of the slipshod security practices at the Heman G. Stark Youth Correctional Facility. His defense had promised to be a wide indictment of the Youth Authority prison.

I have a very cheap starter alto, a Jericho, and it is lovely to play. But after 3 years I decided to upgrade and bought a Yamaha YS26. I hated it from the beginning. I find it very difficult to blow, especially the Octave key notes D, E, and G. The G always sounds flat and the D and E have to be blown extra hard. I sent it back to the suppliers and they said several experts had played it and could find nothing wrong. I thought it must be my embouchure and I have persevered, but to no avail. It cost three times the cheap one and I know which I prefer.Would so much appreciate your comments. Anne

Keep in mind, that it may not be in proper playing condition even though they said it was. Sometimes techs have so many saxophones to get through that they may not be as thorough if you are not standing there. Not because they are being dishonest, just because when someone is standing there showing interest in playing saxophone, they appreciate that and really make sure all is well.

I mean at the minute I'm supposed to be changing my placement at the college and the thing that really seems to annoy me is that if a boy (pause) if a man walked in into there one of the pupils from my class or whatever says 'oh would it be possible for us to change my placement' 'oh I'll have a look through here blah blah blah' and all that and he probably would find them a place but with me being a girl and walking in saying (pause) 'I'm not happy where I I'm not happy where I am would it be possible for us to be changed' I mean I've waited nearly two months now to be changed on to this placement and nobody wants to know nobody wants to know about having a girl they say it's a distraction they say (pause) I mean really it's all sexist (pause) but I mean they when they say when the company turns us down or whatever they n they can not say that because they know (pause) they know it's it can not be said do you know what I mean the ehm (pause) they say it in like a polite way saying 'oh we don't need anybody at the minute' and then probably in about two more weeks two weeks have passed they're applying for somebody else (pause) they're applying for somebody else but I mean nobody wants to know about (pause) girls being in a garage and that and I think it's all wrong because I think it should be all equal rights now I don't care what people say 'a man's world' and 'men are stronger than women' and all that (pause) I think men have got a competition on

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