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Pc Game Viva Pinata Unlimited Gems

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Pc Game Viva Pinata Unlimited Gems

How to Get Unlimited Gems in Viva PiÃata PC Game

Viva PiÃata is a popular life simulation game that was released in 2006 for Xbox 360 and later ported to PC in 2007. The game lets you create and manage a garden full of colorful and quirky piÃatas, each with their own personality and preferences. You can also breed different types of piÃatas, decorate your garden, and fend off enemies who want to break your piÃatas open.

One of the most sought-after items in the game is gems, which are used to buy various things from the shops, such as seeds, accessories, fences, and more. Gems can also be used to unlock new areas and features in the game. However, gems are not easy to come by, as they are only awarded for completing certain tasks or challenges, or for selling rare or valuable piÃatas.

If you want to get unlimited gems in Viva PiÃata PC game, you have a few options. One of them is to use a cheat code that will give you 9999 gems instantly. To do this, you need to press the key on your keyboard to open the console, and then type in "cheat addcash 9999" (without the quotation marks) and press Enter. This will add 9999 gems to your account, and you can repeat this as many times as you want.

Another option is to use a trainer or a mod that will modify the game files and give you unlimited gems. There are several trainers and mods available online that you can download and install on your PC. However, be careful when using these tools, as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer or compromise your personal data. Also, using trainers or mods may cause glitches or errors in the game, or prevent you from earning achievements or trophies.

A third option is to play the game legitimately and earn gems by completing various tasks and challenges. Some of the ways to earn gems in Viva PiÃata PC game are:

Selling piÃatas: You can sell your piÃatas to various buyers who will offer different prices depending on the type, rarity, and condition of your piÃatas. You can also sell piÃatas that have been broken open by enemies or accidents.

Selling produce: You can sell fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey, milk, eggs, and other products that your piÃatas produce or collect from your garden.

Completing awards: You can earn awards for achieving certain milestones or goals in the game, such as growing a certain number of plants, breeding a certain number of piÃatas, attracting a certain number of visitors, and more. Each award will give you a certain amount of gems.

Completing challenges: You can accept challenges from various characters who will ask you to do something for them in exchange for gems. For example, Seedos will ask you to plant seeds for him, Gretchen Fetchem will ask you to fetch piÃatas for her clients, Bart will ask you to change the color of your piÃatas with his dyes, and more.

These are some of the ways to get unlimited gems in Viva PiÃata PC game. Whether you choose to use cheats, trainers, mods, or play fair, we hope you enjoy this fun and colorful game! 061ffe29dd


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