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Finally, there is the Conqueror Worm. If the mimes are humankind, the worm that devours them can be seen as death. Worms, after all, inhabit the soil in which we are buried and may indeed consume our flesh as part of the natural decomposition process. Death is further suggested by the fact that the Conqueror Worm is the 'hero' of this tragedy, the inevitable victor in the desperate and directionless battle to survive depicted in the play.

the conqueror worm pdf download

Meanwhile, the angels that watch the play are saddened by it, but they do not or cannot intervene as the humans repeat their aimless and doomed behaviors. These angels may represent an impotent God, or the captive audience of an evil force that stages such a play for its own amusement. Either way, they cannot stop the worm!

Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Conqueror Worm' describes an eerie and gruesome play in which ghostly figures are eaten by a fanged worm. At the end of the poem, we learn that this play is called 'Man' and that the hero is the 'Conqueror Worm.' This poem can be read as an allegory about the confusion of living, and the inevitability of death.

(colour online) Ascaris, Brugia and Oesophagostomum adult worms: (A) Ascaris suum, a single worm and scale bar (inset) and active swimming worms; (B) Brugia malayi, a single motile worm; (C) Oesophagostomum dentatum, female (top), male (bottom).

(colour online) Nomarski photomicrograph of a Brugia malayi muscle flap dissection with a diagram of a patch-pipette placed for whole-cell current clamp recording of the nicotinic receptors. Scale bar 10 μm. (B) Bar chart (mean SE) of normalized currents produced by the nAChR agonists/anthelmintics (30 μM) on B. malayi muscles in whole-cell patch-clamp. All current responses were normalized to ACh currents (*P 350c69d7ab


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