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The Best Sites to Download Free and Paid Custom Models for Sven Co-op

The first step is to open up the MDL file with MDL Designer, naming it the same as the playermodel. So say I'm making a black widow model named "Widow". The name of the.mdl file would be "black widow". Then the final step would be to convert it to a tga image and place it in the \Steam\steamapps\common\svencoop\data folder. Now you have made the model, it's done! The next step is to equip it. Assume it was originally just a hand model that was just added to the base model, and there is no hand_a model. It's done, you don't have to change anything. Now go to your workshop account, go to the svencoop_addons folder, and open the old_models directory. There should be a folder for the player with the name of the model you made. In that folder there will be a model called "hand" or "righthand". Open that and it should be the model you just made. Now you need to change some texture coordinates from the default "0.2, 0.9, 0.2, 0.9" to the proper values. You can make a simple.CUSTOM file to tell Steam to change the textures or you can use a program like MDL Designer to make the change. For now leave it as it is, in the future you can make a.MDL file for it.

sven coop custom models

Download File:

So now that we have the files to make the model we want, it's time to go into the Unity editor and make the 3D models for those files. There are two things to note for this part. First, you'll want to make sure the 3D model has its UV's changed to a square for maximum quality.

First you need to have the script setup for your game. You can find it here . The file you want to edit is called svencoop_modded.scr. If you don't see that file just put in the full path, "C:\blender\svencoop_addons\svencoop_skins\svencoop_modded.scr". This file tells the script how to work and what to do. Simply comment out the last line with a "#" on it then save the file.


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