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Free State Of Jones (English) 720p Hd Movie Download BEST

Free State Of Jones (English) 720p Hd Movie Download ->>>

Free State Of Jones (English) 720p Hd Movie Download BEST

Free State Of Jones: A Historical War Film Inspired by True Events

If you are looking for a movie that combines drama, action, and history, you might want to check out Free State Of Jones, a 2016 film starring Matthew McConaughey as Newton Knight, a Confederate deserter who led a rebellion against the Confederacy in Mississippi during the Civil War.

The film is based on the books The Free State of Jones by Victoria E. Bynum and The State of Jones by Sally Jenkins and John Stauffer, which tell the true story of how Knight and his followers, including runaway slaves and poor farmers, fought for their freedom and rights against the oppressive Confederate regime. The film also explores the aftermath of the war and the Reconstruction era, as well as the legacy of Knight's descendants in the mid-twentieth-century civil-rights movement.

Free State Of Jones is a film that does not shy away from depicting the brutality and injustice of slavery and war, but also celebrates the courage and resilience of those who resisted and rebelled. It is a film that challenges the conventional narratives of the Civil War and shows a different perspective on a pivotal moment in American history.

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Free State Of Jones is not only a historical war film, but also a personal drama that explores the relationships and conflicts among the characters. Knight falls in love with Rachel, the slave woman who saved his son, and starts a family with her, while his wife Serena leaves him and remarries. Knight also forms a bond with Moses, a former slave who becomes a leader of the freedmen and advocates for their voting rights. The film shows how Knight and his allies face not only the hostility of the Confederacy, but also the betrayal of some of their own neighbors who support slavery and racism.

The film has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its ambitious scope, its historical accuracy, and its powerful performances, especially by McConaughey, Mbatha-Raw, and Ali. Others criticized the film for its slow pace, its lack of focus, and its confusing structure that jumps back and forth between different time periods. The film also sparked some controversy over its depiction of Knight as a heroic figure, while ignoring or downplaying some of his flaws and controversies.

Regardless of its reception, Free State Of Jones is a film that offers a unique and compelling perspective on a lesser-known chapter of American history. It is a film that challenges us to think about the meaning of freedom, justice, and equality, and how they have been fought for and defended throughout history. It is a film that invites us to learn more about the real people and events that inspired it. a474f39169


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