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[Extra Quality] SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP10 X86 X64 PORTABLE

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[Extra Quality] SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP10 X86 X64 PORTABLE


What's New in SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP10 X86 X64

SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP10 is a major release of SolidWorks Electrical, a powerful software for designing electrical systems and integrating them with 3D mechanical models. This release introduces many new features and enhancements that improve the productivity and quality of electrical design. Here are some of the highlights:

3D wire and cable modeling: You can now create realistic 3D models of wires and cables in SolidWorks Electrical 3D, using the new Wire Routing command. You can define wire properties, such as color, diameter, insulation, and shielding, and route wires along existing geometry or sketch paths. You can also edit wire routes, add branches and splices, and generate wire reports and drawings.

Enhanced Python API: You can now use Python scripts to automate tasks and customize SolidWorks Electrical to your specific needs. The Python API provides access to most of the functionality of SolidWorks Electrical, such as creating and modifying projects, components, symbols, wires, cables, reports, and drawings. You can also use Python scripts to interact with other applications, such as databases, web services, or Excel.

Performance improvements for simulations: You can now run faster and more accurate simulations of your electrical systems in SolidWorks Electrical 2D, using the new Simulation Solver. The Simulation Solver uses a more efficient algorithm to solve complex circuits with multiple sources and loads. You can also view simulation results in different formats, such as graphs, tables, or animations.

Smarter support for shared models: You can now work more efficiently with shared models in SolidWorks Electrical 3D, using the new Collaborative Mode. The Collaborative Mode allows you to synchronize your electrical design with the mechanical design in real time, without locking the model or creating conflicts. You can also use the new Compare Documents command to compare different versions of a shared model and identify changes.

SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP10 X86 X64 is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, but you need to install the appropriate version for your system. You can download SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP10 X86 X64 from the official website or contact your local reseller for more information.



SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP10 X86 X64 has received positive feedback from users and experts who have tried it. They have praised its ease of use, functionality, and integration with SolidWorks Mechanical. Some of the benefits they have reported are:

Reduced design time and errors: Users can create electrical systems faster and more accurately, using the intuitive user interface, the comprehensive component library, and the automatic wire numbering and routing. They can also avoid mistakes and rework, using the built-in design rules and validation tools.

Improved collaboration and communication: Users can work more effectively with other engineers and stakeholders, using the collaborative mode, the compare documents feature, and the seamless data exchange with SolidWorks Mechanical. They can also generate clear and consistent documentation and reports, using the customizable templates and formats.

Enhanced creativity and innovation: Users can explore different design scenarios and alternatives, using the simulation solver, the Python API, and the 3D wire and cable modeling. They can also leverage the power of SolidWorks Mechanical to create complex shapes and assemblies for their electrical systems.

SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP10 X86 X64 is a versatile and robust software that can handle various types of electrical projects, such as industrial machinery, automotive systems, aerospace systems, consumer products, and more. It is suitable for both beginners and experts who want to create h


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