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How to Check Free credit score in India: if you are a newbie with a credit score, Firstly, we give a very simple explanation of credit score. A credit score is a numerical score that represents the entire credit history of an individual. It calculates your credit risk.

whenever, you apply for a credit card, home loan, or Personal loan. The Bank or NBFC Company will first check your Credit history and Analysis the credit risk by Using Your Cibil or Equifax Credit Score. After that, They will decide whether the applicant is eligible for the credit line or credit limit or not.

Before applying for any loan or credit card, an individual must have to check their own credit health. So, it will help you to examine the health of credit. if it is low. you can focus and improve it. if not, Good to Check.

In India country, there are major four credit bureaus that are tracking and summarizing your credit history into credit score into 3 digits numbers: let’s check the names –

  1. Credit Information Bureau India Limited (Transunion CIBIL Score)

  2. Experian

  3. Equifax Credit LTD

  4. CRIF High Mark

The range of credit health goes from Worst to Best. it starts from 300 And End At 900. now, the question is, which is the number of credits that are perfect to say a good credit score. Therefore, If you have an Upto 750 Credit Score That means It is excellent credit value.

For more Easy to Understand, you can check below Poor To Excellent Mark Diagram.

Through this article, we are going to provide you step-by-step process to get your credit health. we will use creditMantri.Com Website to Check your Equifax Credit Score within minutes.

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