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Multi Mod Manager NEW! Download Latest Version

Multi-Mod Manager for Wii is a powerful multi-purpose program for your Wii. Many useful functions have been conveniently integrated into an easy-to-use interface to help and support homebrew development on the popular console. Much like a "swiss knife", it avoids the extra work of downloading, installing and setting up multiple programs by allowing users to conveniently download and install only what they need. A Wiiware Multi-Menu extends your Wii's functionality by letting you play different types of software on your system while protecting your system from viruses and spyware. The simplicity of the program is made even more beneficial by the fact that you can back up your Wii content, export data and merge Wii game lists all with a few clicks of your mouse.

multi mod manager download latest version

Downloading a Wiiware multi-mod manager is easy. Just visit the website and follow the simple instructions to download and install the program on your Wii. Once you have downloaded the program, you will be able to use it immediately. You should take the time to familiarize yourself with the Wii software interface before trying to navigate your way through the different screens of the Wii download manager. This easy to use Wiiware multi-mod manager makes it easy for everyone to download Wii games and other applications for Nintendo Wii players!

Then create a shortcut of the executable on your desktop for easy access.DEINSTALLATION:Simply remove the executable since they don't override anything.PROTIP:The tool will currently only manage the current folder it was dropped in. If you have multiple soulstorm installations drop the manager in EACH of them. For better access make a shortcutto the .exe on your desktop to quickly access and start your game with any Mod you desire instantly.

A few possible problems (and solutions):* Your .NET Framework version is 4.0)* DoW Mod Manager conflicts with the older version - delete ANYTHING that have "DoW Mod Manager" in it's name and download the latest version.* Maybe your Account have low privileges - start DoW Mod Manager as an Administrator.* Maybe your .NET Framework is damaged - reinstall it (and also check your HDD/SSD for errors (using command "chkdsk C: /f /r /x" without quotes) + some antivirus check)* Maybe you are not even running Windows - set up your WINE so it has .NET Framework 4.8 installed ;-)


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