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This Is It You Fucklet.txt

The song follows CeeLo rapping and singing over a melodic beat, telling a story of a girl breaking up with him for a richer man. He goes on to describe how this girl is a gold digger, and would still be with CeeLo if he had more money.

this is it you fucklet.txt

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Well sweetheart, I've got some news for you. There are a couple answers to this question that you may or may not be into. If anything of these ring a bell, stop hoping your phone will ring with his caller ID. It's okay, it's over, and you've got this bb.

You can take this two ways - 1. It is a legitimately bad time of day for him. If you're texting your bae at 7 a.m. post morning spin class, he is probably not going to respond to you as soon as he unlocks his phone. It's statistically proven that the highest volume of text time falls form 2 p.m. onwards, so wait till the afternoon before getting in your feels about this one. The second way is that...

Which sucks if you thought this could be a more serious thing. Sometimes sex is just sex. And some dudes don't have the decency for a pity, "We should do this again!" text. Getting no message is also a message bbg.

You've been going on really great dates, having super good sex - things are all pointing in that green-light direction but whenever you get around the topic of your 'relationship' he kinda fades away. If he dodges more emotional texts or seems to back tf whenever you talk about 'where this is going' - get up and get out. You deserve someone who wants the same things you do - don't settle for anything less.

But he is a total dick. If someone can't gather up the balls to tell you "Hey, sorry but I don't see this as a long term thing." You shouldn't be wasting your time on someone that doesn't have the decency to tell you that something isn't working. This one is a blessing in disguise.

Earlier this week, the Polish parliamentary progressive left party, Razem, issued a statement in which they announce that they are cutting ties with two European organisations: Progressive International and DiEM25. 041b061a72


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