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2560x1440 Dragon Monster 4k 1440P Resolution HD...

Most titles output a 4K signal, but rarely a full 4K resolution. Instead 1440p and 2160p resolutions are more common which can depends on how intensive the games are visually. That's why a lot of games, God of War for example, offer a choice between a high frame rate (usually a locked 60fps) or a high resolution (often aiming for 30fps). It all depends on where you want to spend the power the PS4 Pro has available

2560x1440 Dragon Monster 4k 1440P Resolution HD...

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Again, it goes back to the Switch origin of the game design, a world framework built for a far less powerful system, meaning that bumping the resolution to 4K doesn't have an impact at all on either premium machine. And I'm glad to say, Series S follows suit too with a fluid 60fps on default mode, rendering at 1440p. Even adding dynamic shadows doesn't affect playability at all here. 041b061a72


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