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[S4E4] Casualties Of War

  • Arc Welding: Count Dooku's comments make it clear that he was with the Sith even during the events of The Phantom Menace, ten years before he publicly became known as a Sith Lord.

  • Beware the Silly Ones: A species-wide example for the Gungans who, in spite of their goofy ways of speaking, are deadly warriors when push comes to shove. Grievous doesn't take them seriously in the least when they confront him despite them outnumbering him and having shut down his entire droid force, only to get his ass handed to him with minimal casualties on their part.

  • Continuity Nod: When Jar Jar arrives at the rendezvous in a sub, he mentions that his ears hurt from the change in pressure from heading to the surface too fast, a problem he also had when going too deep too quickly two episodes ago.

  • Curb Stomp Cushion: Anakin puts up a very strong fight against Dooku and his four Magna-Guards, and keeps fighting even after he's been disarmed, but ultimately, five-on-one is too much for him to handle and their combined strength brings him down.

  • Emergency Impersonation: Jar Jar is forced to dress up as Boss Lyonie in order to stop the Gungan Grand Army from marching on Theed, which was ordered by the mind-controlled Boss.

  • Foregone Conclusion: The Republic manages to capture General Grievous. Naturally, this doesn't last.

  • Hypno Trinket: Rish Loo's talisman forces Boss Lyonie to conspire with General Grievous to plan an attack on Naboo.

  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Rish Loo's reward from Count Dooku.

  • Happens several times during the capture of Grievous; Grievous runs General Tarpals through with a Gungan spear, only for the dying Gungan to return the favour vertically with his own spear, and once he's been shocked to the ground, the Gungans impale each of his limbs to immobilise him while they drag him away.

  • Lampshade Hanging: The plot point that Jar Jar looks exactly like Lyonie while wearing his clothing is lampshaded by Jar Jar's protests when Anakin and Padmé come up with the idea (especially since Jar Jar and Lyonie actually do re-use the same character model, and many of the Gungan soldiers also have recycled character models to save the series' budget):"But wesa all don't look alike!"

  • Oh, Crap!: Jar Jar's entirely justified reaction upon seeing General Grievous.

  • Rish Loo's expression is this when Boss Lyonie (actually Jar Jar) shows up while Loo is attempting to rile the gungans into attacking Naboo.

  • Prisoner Exchange: Dooku forces Padmé to give up General Grievous to the Separatists by torturing Anakin and threatening to kill him. Even though Grievous' capture likely means the end of the war, Padmé loves Anakin too much to see him killed because of her.

  • Secret Secret-Keeper: Let's just say there's a reason Sidious is confident that Padmé will agree to a prisoner exchange with Grievous if Dooku captures Anakin.

  • Senseless Sacrifice: General Tarpals sacrifices himself so the Gungan army can capture Grievous. Unfortunately, the Republic is forced to exchange him for a captured Anakin Skywalker, rendering Tarpals' death pointless.

  • Shout-Out: Rish Loo's name is a reference to Cardinal Richelieu of The Three Musketeers, who plays much the same role.

  • Taking You with Me: General Tarpals sacrifices himself to get close enough to Grievous to impale him with a spear, and while this doesn't kill Grievous, it does incapacitate him enough for the Gungans to defeat and capture him.

  • Underestimating Badassery: Upon seeing himself surrounded by Gungan warriors, Grievious actually laughs in their faces and expects to slaughter them. In less than two minutes they have him helpless on the ground, losing only four of their numbers.

  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!: Grievous's reaction when he's confronted by an army of Gangans outside his ship. They prove him wrong really fast.Grievous: (laughing) You can't be serious!

  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Dooku murders Rish Loo after the Gungan lures Anakin to his laboratory.

[S4E4] Casualties of War

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Civil War told the story of a Marvel Universe divided after a devastating supervillain attack in which a team of heroes failed to save the day, resulting in enormous civilian casualties. The American government responded by enacting legislation which required every superpowered individual to register their identities with the government. Captain America led a group of heroes who rejected the mandate as a violation of their civil liberties. Iron Man led a team of heroes who agreed with the Registration Act. Hero turned against hero.

The first episode begins at the Somme in 1916. The Somme Offensive was launched by Britain and France on July 1, and did not end until mid-November of that year. A total of 6 miles of ground were gained from the Germans, at a cost of approximately 420,000 British casualties, 200,000 French, and 500,000 German. This is where we find Matthew Crawley, covered in mud, surrounded by death and destruction. Inside a trench bunker that is constantly shaken by exploding shells, Matthew states that when he thinks of his time at Downton, it seems like another world.

One day on the 11th Month of the Human Empire Calendar, Vixur Ul Shasta received a report from his subordinate, Lipia, on the death of Quinella. Hearing this news, Shasta claimed that it was their chance for peace, explaining how a war with the Human Empire would lead to numerous casualties and the resulting imbalance among the races of the Dark Territory would lead to another age of conflict. Shasta revealed that he planned to kill four other lords, including D.I.L., in his pursuit of peace.

He first appears at the end of "Land O' Smiles", where he personally calls Obergruppenführer Smith to inform him that Hitler had collapsed and that it was unknown if he would survive. He is then by Hitler's side when he dies and is part of the war preparations led by Acting Chancellor Martin Heusmann, where he shows both an understanding that the Japanese will continue to fight if they kill the Emperor in the first phase and no remorse for the fact that their proposed strategy will probably result in high American casualties.

The aftermath of the massacre at the Katze Plains proves to be disastrous not just for the Kingdom, but the Empire as well. On top of the casualties, the Imperial Army is left demoralized, with many wishing to resign and requesting the Emperor to not antagonize the Sorcerer Kingdom. In fact, because the Emperor had requested the Sorcerer King to fight on the front lines, many believe that he knew what would happen and use him as a scapegoat to vent their anger on. 041b061a72


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