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Bulats Vocabulary List B2 Level Pdf 23 [EXCLUSIVE]

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How to Prepare for the BULATS Vocabulary Test at B2 Level

If you are planning to take the BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) exam, you might be wondering how to improve your vocabulary skills at B2 level. Vocabulary is an essential part of any language test, as it shows your ability to communicate effectively in different situations and contexts. In this article, we will give you some tips and resources to help you prepare for the BULATS vocabulary test at B2 level.

What is the BULATS vocabulary test

The BULATS vocabulary test is one of the four sections of the BULATS exam, along with reading, listening and speaking. The vocabulary test consists of 23 multiple-choice questions that assess your knowledge of words and phrases related to business and professional topics. You will have 15 minutes to complete this section.

What kind of vocabulary do you need to know for the BULATS vocabulary test

The BULATS vocabulary test covers a wide range of topics that are relevant for working in an international environment, such as:

Hobbies and free time

Travel and getting around

Education and learning styles

Work and obligations

Money and spending

For each topic, you need to know not only the basic words and expressions, but also more advanced ones that show your level of proficiency. For example, you should be able to use collocations, phrasal verbs, word patterns and idioms that are common in business and professional contexts.

How can you improve your vocabulary for the BULATS vocabulary test

There are many ways to expand your vocabulary and prepare for the BULATS vocabulary test. Here are some suggestions:

Read a lot of texts on different topics, such as articles, reports, newsletters, blogs, etc. Pay attention to the words and phrases that are used frequently and try to guess their meaning from the context. You can also use a dictionary or an online tool like Cambridge Dictionary to check the definitions and examples.

Write down the new words and phrases that you learn and review them regularly. You can use flashcards, notebooks or apps to help you memorize them. Try to use them in sentences or stories that are meaningful for you.

Watch TV shows, movies, documentaries or videos in English with subtitles and take notes of the words and phrases that you hear. You can also repeat them aloud or write them down to practice your pronunciation and spelling.

Practice with online exercises or tests that focus on vocabulary. You can find many free resources on the internet, such as Cambridge English Exams and tests B2 First Preparation[^1^], Intercambio Idiomas Online Vocabulary Lists for the B2 (FCE/ISE II)[^2^] or Cambridge Assessment English Vocabulary List[^3^]. These websites provide sample tests, word lists, activities and tips for improving your vocabulary at B2 level.

Talk to native speakers or other learners of English and use the words and phrases that you have learned. You can join online platforms, forums or groups that allow you to chat or exchange messages with people who share your interests or goals. You can also find a language partner or a tutor who can help you practice your speaking skills and correct your mistakes.


Vocabulary is a key component of any language test, especially for the BULATS exam. By following these tips and using these resources, you can improve your vocabulary skills at B2 level and get ready for the BULATS vocabulary test. Remember to practice regularly and enjoy learning new words and phrases!

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