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AnimeSauce is a simple and useful website that allows you to download subtitles for your favorite anime series. The website is for an English-speaking audience so don't expect a complete library but the library here is a shortcut to the powerful anime subtitle search engines.

For a long time, Subtitle-Search is the most popular website you need to use to download anime subtitles in your favoriate languages. The website is almost an encyclopedia where you can use the search engine to find the anime and the language you want to download but the problem with the website is that it only provides you with the downloaded links and no language information. So making your search job more difficult. But if you are looking for the latest and most updated anime series, subtitles and downloads then this is your best site to bookmark.

Animego is a website which I used to download Makai no Hentai before it got down. The website has great features where you can find the anime series using the search bar and you can download from over 20 different formats with all the subtitles you want. The biggest highlight about this website is the fact that you can check all the subs and all the collectibles are automatically downloaded along with the anime series and subtitles on your system. You can find it on

Subtitles-rc is another website to download anime subtitles in your favorite languages. The website is for English-speaking audience but there some good thing and bad thing about the website and we'll discuss the good and the bad Good: You can use the search engine to find the anime series you want, the easy and fast downloads at less than 1mbps Bad: Not more updates and no change in the interface But the thing what is amazing about the website is that it has over 12,000 anime series with over 6,000 different languages of the subtitles and it has the latest version of Subtitles-rc.

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