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Using duplicity to backup a folder on a certain event, how can I get a list of all available backup dates as I don't know in advance when the event occurredI want to list the available dates as deja-dup does. Final goal is to restore a certain date from the list.

I've been asked to do a one-off backup to disk (for archiving) of a SQL Server 2005 user database, but am uncertain which overwrite options to select, and what the implications are of 'Backup to a new media set, and erase all existing backup sets'.

The DB in question gets backed up daily (scheduled) to a specific directory. Only the most recent backup is retained. A substantial number of other databases on the same server are backed up in the same way, each to its own directory.

When I right-click the DB and choose 'Backup', the path and file displayed in the 'Destination' box are those of the daily scheduled backup. I want to place the one-off backup in a separate folder, and don't want to erase the existing backups of this or any other DB.

I presume I use 'Add...' to specify a new path and filename for the one-off backup, highlight it when I run the backup, and leave the existing alone(), but I don't know what effect the various selections on the Options tab will have and therefore which to choose.

Remove all backup locations from the box, use add to specify a new file somewhere and don't worry about the options. They're there for when you're appending backups to a single file (not usually a recommended practice)

I presume removing the existing backup destination in this dialog won't affect anything except the one-off backup I want to run, i.e. the removed destination will still be valid for the daily scheduled backups for this database

Sorry - I was referring to Gail's reply, when I added my second post. I hadn't seen Bru's reply at that point. Either way (script or GUI), I presume any existing backups and any scheduled backups will be unaffected

Check with whoever's responsible for the backups and ask whether or not there are any differential backups been run. If there are, to avoid messing up the recovery chain, you would need to do the backup with the COPY_ONLY option.

In 2008 there is a copy_only checkbox on the main screen of the backup dialog. If you use Bru's script then replace the NOFORMAT and NOINIT with COPY_ONLY (no point in specifying NoFormat or NoInit as they're only useful when backing up to an existing file)

Gail, I am glad you caught that - it was going to be my response also. Since this is a one-off backup, I would recommend using the COPY_ONLY option even if there are no differentials backup *currently* being run. Who knows - a couple of months from now you might need another one-off and now differentials are being performed. Better safe than sorry - I say.

If necessary, you can manually delete backups, imported backup copies, and hot backup copies from the appliance. Deleting a full backup or backup copy also deletes any associated incrementals and differentials in the backup group. (For details, see Backup groups.)

You can delete backups by using the Backup Browser or the Backup Catalog. The Backup Browser provides appliance-level search capability, advanced search options, and faster filtering performance. The Backup Catalog enables you to browse by asset only. With the Backup Browser you can quickly search for and delete all failed backups. This is much easier than looking for failures under each asset in the Backup Catalog.

Backups are deleted and no longer display in the Backup Catalog. Note that the backups are logically deleted immediately and physically deleted later by the appliance's purge process. Space reclaimed by removing the backups happens when the purge job completes.

This section describes the backup and restore tasks in an on-premises installation of Apigee Edge. It is recommended that you should always create a backup of Apigee Edge components, i.e. configuration and data, at regular intervals and ensure that recove


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