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Talisman Romania

Nowadays Mărțișor is made from silk strings, almost exclusively red and white. Before the 19th century various other colors were used: black and white in Mehedinți and in Aromanian communities, red only in Vâlcea, Romanați, Argeș, Neamț, and Vaslui, black and red in Brăila, white and blue in Vrancea, or even multiple colours in areas of southern Transylvania and Moldova. Likewise, the material used could have been wool, linen, cotton, or silk.[5]

Talisman Romania

General explanations have been given by the observers of the tradition for the object's appearance: the strings are believed to represent "funia anului" - the year's "rope", intertwining summer and winter,[7] the pendant symbolized fortune and wealth, or, like a talisman, brought and preserved good health and beauty to the wearer.[8]

The custom of gifting and wearing the Mărțișor is a nationwide tradition among Romanians, Moldovans, and Aromanians. In its very similar forms, Martenitsa is celebrated by Bulgarians, and Martinka by Macedonians, while other communities such as Albanians, Turks form Ohrid region, Greeks from Northern Greece, the isles of Rhodes, Dodecanese, and Karpathos, Gagauz people, and various minor communities spread around the world descended from the ones mentioned above also practice local variations of the custom.

talisman (third-person singular simple present talismans, present participle talismaning or talismanning, simple past and past participle talismaned or talismanned)

Red symbol of winter. White symbol of Spring.In the first days of Spring, the earth opens up to the sun. She leaves behind her coat of wind, rain and cold to dress in embroidery. Thus it gives way to the traditional feast of the Martisor.What is a Martisor? It is a kind of talisman that is pinned to the chest, usually worn for eight days, and made of a red thread and a white thread braided together.

Romania need this experienced operator to be at his best if they are to upset the odds and make a mark in France this summer, but a lack of action for this former Benfica star over the last couple of seasons has cast a cloud over his status as the talisman of his national team.


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